There are a lot of important issues and challenges
we are faced with at this time...

But none are more important in the long term than climate change. The science is very clear that global warming is a red flag symptom that human presence on earth needs to change from the presence of negative habits to beneficial ones for the planet and its environment. Humans are the only species that have the capacity to be caretakers of our planet. We at MAYO Designs, a marketing company aligned with environmental causes, have embraced this truth. Through both the clients we choose to work with and the educational events we sponsor, we are committed, as a company, to be a LEADER in this cause.

We understand that it’s easy to feel like you can’t personally make a difference to help the environment… BUT YOU CAN!

We've started to list helpful information which we hope sparks inspiration, action, and efforts to sustainable habits.

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Looking For Inspiration?

We have asked people to share their stories about what inspires them.

Olivia Glick

Many thanks to my parents, they instilled being environmentally conscious at a young age. I actually...


Karen Bergeron

How did you consume/recycle/view products before your environmental commitment? I consumed products ...


Duane Forleo

Our story is lifelong…. our story is explained under the following categories: Environmental A...


Need More Inspiration...?

Our fearless leader, Carrie Mayo has sold her house, bought a van and kicked off a new journey. Sept 2019 Carrie hit the road for a 6 month road trip… In March 2020, she headed back East and settled into a new property with nothing around her but trees and a pond. If you know Carrie, her journey isn’t short of anything. Follow along as she tests new waters, meets new people, continues to practice sustainability, and attends conferences to learn more.

Carrie’s Journey

10 October 2020

Home {and office} is where the van is!

Working from home (a.k.a. my van or mobile office) certainly creates a buzz of questions when I̵...

28 August 2020

Summer is flying by...

I have been living in my van full time for 15 months! Holy Moly… what a journey this has been!...

25 July 2020

I am obsessed with trash...

No, I’m not a dumpster diver, but what looks like waste to other people, looks to me like an o...