Olivia Glick

Many thanks to my parents, they instilled being environmentally conscious at a young age. I actually didn’t realize that not everyone had these habits until I started going to friends houses and seeing how their habits differed. Bringing reusable bags to the store, reusing everything, limiting consumption, having conversations about the importance of conserving the environment and shopping locally all seemed like second nature to me.


One of my favorite childhood memories was having a plot of land at a community garden where my Mom and I grew the majority of our produce for the summer. That experience gave me such a massive appreciation for the work that goes into harvesting produce. Between waking up at 6 am to beat the heat and trying to deal with a water well that dried up, I learned the value of food.


When applying to colleges, I wrote my essay on the importance of marketing climate change, in order for people to take action. Throughout my time at UNH I felt passionate about the ties of marketing and sustainability. For a while, I regretted my major, not because of marketing itself, but because I feared the limited career opportunities that would follow graduation. It never seemed like I could merge my passions together – until I met Carrie Mayo.


Since joining MAYO, I absolutely love that sustainability is at the heart of the company. It has also pushed me to make new changes and challenges for myself regarding sustainability. For instance, participating in Plastic Free July. I did not know about this challenge until MAYO, and it seemed like a no-brainer to try. While I have not been perfect, and there have been slip-ups, I have learned that it’s okay. This is also something that I plan to implement in my life past July.


Since my journey with MAYO started only 2 months ago and I still have a year of college remaining, I’ll be sure to submit another story down the road to further share my experiences and sustainable mindset.

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