Jenny Humphries

How did you consume/recycle/view products before your environmental commitment?
Blindly… if we’re being honest. So much of what I did was pretty mindless, just tossing stuff out in the landfill basket. It’s all about education and just making small changes. The best part I find is that the little things I do make a huge impact and then my friends ask questions just propelling the cycle of learning, knowledge exchange and growing.

How has your mindset changed since you committed?
It’s big! If I think about the environment and all that we as a whole community really need to be doing it can be overwhelming. I try to focus on what I can do, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refurbish… I’m big on secondhand and really considering my ‘wants’ vs. ‘needs’.

What habits have you’ve acquired?
I’m big on secondhand and really considering my ‘wants’ vs. ‘needs’. I am a zero paper towel household, I only have cloth napkins, dish towels etc. Even my shower liner is cloth so I just wash it if it gets dirty. I compost as well which has cut back my landfill waste in a HUGE way. I only produce one bag of actual trash a month.

How do you pass along the message to those around you?
It’s just a natural topic of conversation. The environment is so important and my friends are interested in seeing what they can do better or help.

How do you keep the inspiration alive?
Enthusiasm and positivity. There are always downer days or moments in life for whatever you’re doing, it’s how you can reframe that and takeaway the positives.

Jenny Humphries
Operations Manager
Mr. Fox Composting

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