Taylor ONeil

I’m lucky enough to have meet Carrie in 2015 while interning for a client of hers. I didn’t know it at the time but Carrie was about to be a BIG influence in how my personal life and professional career would evolve. I became her first official full time employee – she took me under her wing, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and constantly believed in me. We took client projects by storm but there was something missing. Carrie wanted more depth, more purpose on the project, and to make a bigger impact.

What’s a bigger leave behind than a sustainable inspired way of thinking?

Through passion, determination, curiosity, and community involvement, Carrie has gained clarity on her bigger purpose and has taken some of us with her. She has inspired our team, clients, and community that there is something WE can do.

Here are the top things that come to mind when I reflect on the last year or so:

  • Recycling: Not everything you put into the recycling bin is actually recycled. There are strict regulations and if they aren’t met, it (and items potentially surrounding the item) go to the landfill. It’s specific to the town though so I’d suggest calling them up.
  • Act locally but think globally: humans do a good amount of damage. Every situation we have a choice – there typically is a more sustainable one, pick it. YOU can make a difference.
  • Start the conversation: it’s fun to explore how others feel about sustainable choices. The conversation may even inspire them to implement some of their own and/or give you more ideas.

Although I have always had a frugal mindset (which has helped me make the more sustainable choice), I have certainly changed the way I view my choices and encourage my network of friends and family to make the healthier, more sustainable choice.

All in all, by being a part of the MAYO team, my purchasing habits, work-life balance, passion for the environment and sense of community has grown exponentially.

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