Charlie Bergeron

Hello I’m Charlie “Riverman” Bergeron and I live along the York River in the wonderful Watershed of Mt Agamenticus at York, Maine.
My life journey connected me deeply with this area 28 years ago in which I have been called to do simple ceremonies of respect and healing intention for all of it’s Water. I offer Blessings privately and publicly and enjoy connecting people more deeply to the understanding that We All Are Water Beings.

As a Council Member @, which is more than just a social media group that is still young and growing, my commitment is to encourage others to join together and co-create ways of respecting All of Mother Gaia’s Water and to find others in their locality to join them in creative ways.

All of us are really just being called to reflect our own self-respect. So anytime we can respond to the harmful habits of collective humanity, no matter how small… We are Honoring All Life …
by gathering in a cohesive and unified field of collective positive energy.
Non-recyclable trash has been largely reduced.
Personally in my own life, there have been many subtle ripples that have created a flow…
I have changed my purchasing habits to reduce my environmental impact.

I encourage everyone to think more deeply about what products they are using – to find less potentially harmful solutions because it all ends up in the Water, one way or another.
My diet has changed to be more thoughtful of the carbon imprint it has on a global scale.

Seeking out information on progress as well as damage to Environmental Quality has helped us to become not only more aware, it provides opportunities to be of service in what is happening in my own neighborhood.

Do What You Can
Where You Are
With What You Have

It is my gentle mantra for involvement, realizing that when WE gather for any pro-environment activity there is always a moment where even the slightest action is welcomed by Mother Earth and the Elementals.
And in return… Our Hearts are recognized and bathed in Light and Love.

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