Karen Bergeron

How did you consume/recycle/view products before your environmental commitment?
I consumed products without thinking about who or what they would impact. Not sure why I thought that. Maybe because I was unaware or chose to be. I had not thought of my impact on the environment until 2013. I had an awareness of the “stuff” I was consuming. I wanted to consume less and wanted to recycle/reuse/compost.


How has your mindset changed since you committed?
I have taken a more critical eye to what I buy, what I can reuse and what can be composted. I’m not always the best, however, we do our best.


What habits have you’ve acquired since becoming more aware?

  • we rarely go out to eat, we cook/bake at home
  • we have experiences that are a less impact on the environment. example: kayaking/walking/hiking/family & friends over
  • we spend less money on “stuff”
  • when needing something we really think hard if this is something we must have. 9 times out of 10 we don’t purchase.
  • when we do have a need, we try and see if we have an alternative way of buying it…example: thrift store or does a family/friends have that item.


How do you pass along the message to those around you?
Passing the message mostly by doing. Being an example. Focusing on family/friend time and not shopping or acquiring stuff. More experiences.


How do you keep the inspiration alive?

  • Being mindful
  • Knowing that we do impact the world
  • Knowing ones self and that “stuff” does not define us. Experiences/Family/Friends do!


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