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MAYO Designs is a Seacoast-based business that has been delivering web and marketing solutions for large and small companies for over 19 years. After the MAYO team decided to concentrate on working with companies who have the same mindset as us, the Sustainable Environment Summit was born.

In 2018, we put on an event to inspire.
Our mindset is to work with those that care about positively impacting our world. We strive to increase the awareness and educate our community on the social and environmental ways that we can think globally and act locally.

Our vision
We wanted to inspire people towards sustainability by empowering them to make changes in their lives and communities. We wanted our event to focus on the fact that the time is now to wake up and join those committed to realizing how the human presence impacts everything around us.

This event brought together 70+ diverse individuals in and around the Seacoast area along with local business experts to truly bring a community-minded feel to the Summit.

Our Goal
This event was to facilitate a presentation called Awakening the Dreamer – this was a 2.5 hour interactive video and group discussion session focused on discussing the human species current relationship with the Earth.

Through various group activities and powerful videos, each attendee was able to examine their concerns about the state of the world with other like-minded individuals, and offer support in taking steps to affect the changes that we all wish to see.

Bill Cuff from Unlimited Possibilities. He led the event’s group activities
Keith Tharp from Sustainable Seacoast. He spoke about eliminating single-use plastics from restaurant industry
Phil Coupe from Revision Energy. He spoke of the cost-effective and environmentally beneficial future of solar energy
Sean Rooney from Express Electronics. He spoke of recycling habits and correctly disposing of used electronics

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