Beach Clean Up

The following is an excerpt from one of my Spiritual Teachers, Chess Edwards as he recognizes the space of conscious and deliberate reorganization that is emerging now more than ever.

It’s a time of being steadfastly attentive to all the pain, sorrow, fear, disillusionment, hope, grace, courage, devotion, and love that is arising with such power within us and all around us. I invite you to read the following and reflect how today’s world is impacting you.

“Perhaps like me, you have found that these times of profound change and challenge are demanding that everything in our lives be re-examined.

We’re being asked to be resolutely conscious and clear about our priorities, values, ways of being, prejudices, fears, truths, allegiances, choices, purposes, and devotions.

This time of deliberate introspection has manifest in a conscious slowing down and a heartfelt re-evaluation of how I’m showing up in the world.

This is the time to consciously and courageously rise as we never have before.

It’s ok to find yourself in a time of pause, deep reflection, reorganization, and purposeful life re-structuring.

It is vitally important that we all raise our consciousness and examine anything and everything within us that is creating walls of division or fear around our hearts.

It’s time to get radically aware of just how purposefully and vivaciously we’re living this one wild and precious life.”

I’m interested to know your thoughts on the subject, if you care to share, please send me a note.

Please visit Chess Edwards website if you would like to read more about him: 

~be well, be gentle, be self-compassionate

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