Beach Clean Up

I started out my “winter-road-trip” on Oct 16th which meant that I’ve officially “hit-the-road” in search of warmer weather, Nation Parks, and beautiful scenery while working full time.

…boy do I feel SO fortunate to have this opportunity.

I have to say, the first week on the road is what I’ll call the “week-to-acclimate”.

Since this is my second BIG road-trip, I did not feel as though I needed to plan out as much {before I left} as I did the first time. I guess I realized that once I hit the road, I was still going to have all of the amenities available to me to get into a routine.  Things like… gas, propane, water fill-up stations, laundry facilities, grocery shopping centers, reliable internet, and places to camp!

As of right now, my only road obligation is to be in Denver on Nov 11th so I am going to enjoy the road, take my time, and find time each day to explore the area Im in.

I’m currently at Bald Eagle State Park in Pennsylvania! Although I have not seen any bald eagles {yet} I do love this place… It actually reminds me a lot of Maine! I am surrounded by mountains, forests, fields, and I’m on a lake and it has been a really peaceful place to work for a few days.

From here, I’ll head towards Virginia. Im hoping to visit my first National Park of the trip which is Shenandoah National Park.


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