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Sight is seeing with our eyes what is…
Vision sets us free from the limitations of what the eyes can see and allows us to enter into the liberty of what the heart can feel.
~quote from Dr. Myles Munroe

I have an amazing support system around me and I am constantly encouraged to dream, set goals and visualize on a regular basis…

These exercises encourage me to see an outcome… to really visualize it… and then to believe that I already have it!

I’ve been told that my brain is more powerful then I can imagine and it has the power to heal and guide us to being the best versions of our self. Not only have I been told this… I have experienced the power of this.

Recently, during an evening of meditation, I allowed myself to freely dream about a vision of “my future self”…

I could literally “feel” the emotions, I could “see” the sights and I could even “smell” the environment I was in… and it “felt” as if I already had the achieved the outcome!

I am 3 months into this road trip… and scheduled to head back to Maine in May… I plan to use the next 4 months to rest and get clear on “my future self”!

I am beginning to set goals for the following 4 areas: Personal, Professional, Self-Honoring & Contribution.

To support me in this, I am writing out my vision to include:
who I am with and who I surround my self with
what I am seeing
what emotions I am feeling
and visualizing the sounds, smells, and textures that stand out.

I am also writing this vision in the third person… for example…

“my future self”
Carrie Mayo is a caretaker of this planet and is working 100% on projects that are creating possibilities for a sustainable future. She lives in an incredible self-sustaining house in York Maine overlooking the water. The property is surrounded by….

~stay tuned for more details on who I see my self becoming & thank you for your support!


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