Beach Clean Up

I have been living in my van full time for 15 months! Holy Moly… what a journey this has been!

When COVID hit, I made the decision to travel back to my home town of York, Maine and I am SO glad that I did.  I’m in love with the fact that this lot of land is mine, I’m 100% off the grid, it’s very quiet and peaceful yet 5 minutes from civilization. These last three months I’ve been getting my property ready to build a new house… and as you can imagine, the process of getting approval to do that has been slower than normal so I’ve actually decided to “break-ground” next Spring…

… and although the process is slow, I have less stress because I’m not trying to force it to happen when there’s nothing I can do anyways. I’ve taken my time in imagining what I can do with the space and have even sketched it out.

As of right now, here’s what I’m thinking:   

In addition to progressing through the approval process on building my home, I’ve also taken full advantage of living on a pond. I swim often, kayak around, soak in the sun beams, and keep the property tidy. With the support team I have at MAYO, it has also allowed me time to develop a strong webinar series which I look forward to on a monthly basis.  I also find myself seeking small road trips around the area – to continue to explore my home state. A few weeks ago I did Acadia National Park, another weekend I floated the Saco, and this weekend I plan to stay close to the coast.

As I sit here today, I’m reminded how much I love the four VERY different seasons Maine has.

  • Summers are beautiful and too short…
  • Fall is equally as beautiful and as the temperatures seem to change overnight, the cold air is a reminder that Winter is close…
  • Winter {although cold} is beautiful… {and always seems too long…}
  • and then Spring arrives and promises warmer weather!

I wish that I could hit the pause button right now so that summer could last a bit longer. However, with fall fast approaching, I’m preparing myself for my next BIG road trip…

As of right now, I’ve tentatively planned to leave New England on October 1st. Similar to my trip last year, I plan to visit Nation Parks, meet with other communities actively practicing sustainability, and {unless they are canceled} attend conferences to continue to learn more about bringing our strategy of sustainability in marketing to businesses across the U.S..

Do you have any travel destinations for me to check out? Text or email me your suggestions.

I know there are a lot of uncertainties and unknowns to the places I will be able to visit but, I’m ready to do it again.

~Let the journey continue =)

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