Beach Clean Up

I joined a group of local Sedona activists on Friday during their Climate Action Corner Rally and it was so much FUN!

We shared stories about our individual environmental commitments and wins that our communities were experiencing.

We held signs and waved to people as they passed us by…

We got PLENTY of smiles, beeps, thumbs up, waves and we even had a few people park their cars & join us.

Although MOST people were supportive we did get a few thumbs down, 1 middle finger, and a few random political comments…

I am inspired by the citizens who stand out there EVERY Friday in hopes of spreading their passion to others. Sedona is a community committed to acting through the stewardship of its members and volunteers and is committed to protecting and sustaining their natural environment.

Please see a few photos of the signs that were displayed:

The coordinator & I committed to sharing more information on the following community initiatives:

  • Walkability Plans
  • Diversity
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Improved Community Connections & Citizen Initiatives

It was great to connect with them and be inspired by their commitment!

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