Beach Clean Up

Sadly I had to leave Sedona…

I say “sadly” because it was absolutely beautiful and there were so many things that I was not able to do while I was there! {like a hot air balloon ride, a morning sunrise hike, a spa treatment?, a visit to the ghost town, a visit to the House of Apache Fire, and more!}

Now I am on to Denver for another marketing conference!

Along my route to Denver, I was fortunate to stop at 2 AMAZING places: Meteor Crater & Mesa Verde National Park.

First stop…Meteor Crater.

WOW is the one word I would use to describe Meteor Crater. I have never seen anything like this before!

The crater was formed over 50,000 years ago is located in Winslow, AZ. It is a mile wide and 560 feet deep. The indigenous people believed this place to be sacred since it was an impact location sent from the “spirit world”. I took a guided tour and at many points along the rim, I could literally “feel” the energy of this place.

I highly recommend visiting Meteor Crater! {you will even have a chance to touch the actual meteor!}

Once I left Winslow, I continued to drive North-east towards Denver and realized I was just a few hours from Mesa Verde, one of the 62 Nation Parks in the US… so I knew that had to be one of my stops.

Upon arriving at Mesa Verde, I learned that it is ANOTHER sacred place and is known for the neighborhoods that were built into the sides of the cliffs, which are known as cliff dwellings. There were also petroglyphs, preserved rock carvings, protected pithouses, and remnants of ceremonial gathering places.

I could not help but imagine what it was like to live “back-then”…

I spent over 4 hours in this park going from site to site and when I was driving out of the park {which was about 20 miles in} I saw the most beautiful sunset.

I pulled over SO many times to look at the sun reflecting off the cliff dwellings and I realized that this place was full of beauty and wonder!

I hope you enjoy these photos and I hope you have an opportunity to visit this National Park!


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