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Since I was a teenager I have dreamt about seeing the Grand Canyon!

Over 25 years ago this dream started… and it came true on Dec 22nd, 2019!

I can remember a friend of mine coming back from a road trip and sharing how amazing it was and since then I have heard so many stories about how people have visited the Grand Canyon and either hiked down it or spent time on the river.

Not only was I able to visit, but I also had the amazing opportunity to see it from a helicopter!

Here are a few images from my trip:

I also learned a little about the Grand Canyon while I was there… Here are a few fun facts:

  • The rock found on the upper rim is over 230 million years old.
  • Grand Canyon National Park is bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island.
  • The Grand Canyon is so big and so diverse that it has completely different ecosystems throughout. {While I was there, the temperature at the top of the canyon was at least 20 degrees different than the bottom!}
  • There are 60 National Parks in the US and the Grand Canyon is the 11th largest.
  • On average, the Grand Canyon is a mile deep!!! {Thats like 5280 feet!}

This has been an amazing road trip so far… There is SO much to see in this beautiful country!

I have visited 8 National Parks so far and I hope to visit a dozen more before my trip ends.



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