Beach Clean Up

California has so many homeless people… I actually found out that California has the most homeless population of any state.

with that said…. I want to share a story of a homeless man I met named Chas.

Chas is 78 years old and lives in a small minivan.

Chas saw me sitting on a rock at the Doheny Beach in Dana Point California… Next thing I know he walks up to me and hands me 2 dozen roses!!!

I was so surprised and I asked him if I could keep just one… and he could give the others to someone else… but he insisted!

So we sat there talking and he wanted to make sure I was comfortable… he noted that I was “new to the area” and he was willing to tell me all about it.

He then began to tell me his story…

Chas moved into a van after a VERY successful career so that he could help homeless Veterans that needed medical care and food… {I was BLOWN away} He spends his time on the beach and drives Veterans to doctors’ appointments and gets them food and other help that they need.

then… He went on to tell me that the community churches get together EVERY day at 4:30 just around the corner to feed the homeless and they always have plenty of food so he wanted to invite me to go with him.

At first, I was like… no… cause I felt like there were so many more people that needed the food more than I did, but he insisted, so I went with him.

I can honestly say that I have never done anything like that before!

When we arrived, there were over 30 people lined up… we waited in line for a few minutes… then someone came along and gave us all a plastic bag… from there we walked down the line of food and they filled our bags!

I’m pretty sure that the chicken was from KFC {I didn’t eat it because I’m a vegetarian} … and there was fresh fruit, water, homemade cookies, and even a brown bagged lunch to take for later.

I sat with Chas for a few hours and got to know his story! I am honored to have met him.

He also shared with me that he liked to write poems… even though he failed high school English…

Here are 5 of his poems that he gave me.


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