Beach Clean Up

I have had a few animal encounters along the trip… some have been from a distance and some have literally been IN my van…

The first animal that entered my van was a bird!

Although it was a cute bird, It was kind of sad and stressful because he could not find his way out. =)

After about 15 minutes of me sweating and trying to get creative around how I was going to catch him… he finally found the door and flew away.

About 2 weeks later I woke up and realized I had a mouse in my van…

Although he was cute, I knew I had to get him out because he could literally chew wires and cause significant damage…

but since I did not have a way to “trap” him I decided to “reason” with him {ha}…

I literally said out loud: “Look mouse, were not doing this!… you need to leave this van because it is not going to end well for either of us!”

…I’m laughing out loud as I type this because he had no clue what I was saying.

but I am happy to report that there has been no additional sign of him! {so maybe he did get the hint}?

My favorite encounter, however, has been with a roadrunner! I was working in Joshua Tree in my van and he popped up on the hood which was just about 2 feet away from me.

You will see in this video below that he stayed with me for quite some time.

I sat and watched him and looked at the detail and beauty in his feathers… and once he got off the van I looked up the meaning of a roadrunner {because I do that from time to time} and here is what I found:

I LOVE the symbolism and it feels so true to my current state of being.

I think nature has a beautiful and gentle way of teaching us and providing insight and understanding.

Who knows what I’ll see next… I’m on my way to Vegas!

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