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Although I am in the world of marketing… I often do not like to see Billboards…

There is just “something” about them that bothers me! They seem to be placed in super crowded cities, they distract me from driving and they are usually trying to sell me something… With that said I think I have fallen in love with this billboard:

I was actually SO in love with this billboard I turned around to take this picture! {I just HAD to show it to my team}

I have to be honest… I did NOT expect to see a billboard on this road… This billboard was located in the San Luis Valley in Colorado {in one of the most beautiful places I have traveled so far on this trip}. I was traveling through the San Luis Valley on my way to Crestone, Colorado to visit family.

Of course, the message caught my attention… but check out the background scenery!!! Those are 14,000 ft snow-capped mountains!

~breathtaking views in real life~

This billboard could have been rented to promote SO many things… This billboard displayed to me the power each and every one of us has to use our voice as a force for good.

This sign gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I might put on a billboard… It made me curious…  I asked myself, “What message would I put there?!?” “What would I say” and “How would I express myself?”…

I find myself still in the question… but the first thing that came to mind was designing a billboard to say: “Instead of buying gifts this holiday season, create memories!”

This may sound random… but being on the road gives me plenty of opportunities to reflect. Today’s reflection {and this billboard} reminded me that my voice allows me to communicate what is important to me and what I believe in.

Thank you to the anonymous person who chose to use this billboard to spread a message that is so important, while asking for nothing in return.

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