Beach Clean Up

I’ve been on the road for 23 days and I have been looking forward to visiting Crestone Colorado for so many reasons… Crestone is the home of my first husband’s family {who I love SO much} AND it is located in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

This area is also home to the Great Sand Dunes, home to many Hot Springs Spas, and SO many spiritual centers.

When I said that Crestone Colorado is a melting pot of world religions… it is because this is truly a special place that seems to embody the essence of all religions living together in harmony.

There are countless spiritual centers and religions represented here — including a Hindu temple, a Zen center, a monastery, and several Tibetan Buddhist centers.

So…while I was in Crestone not only did I take a beautiful walk, see herds of buffalo, watch countless deer roam around town, drive into the hills, take a scooter ride into the village, but I also visited a Buddhist Stupa.

Although I have never “really” felt a deep connection to a particular religion, I have identified mostly with the way of life that Buddhism displays.

Buddhism {in my words} brings forth a state of mindfulness with the way to free the mind from suffering.

This {photo below} was one of two Stupas I knew of in Crestone. This one is the “Stupa of Enlightenment” and it was built to be an architectural rendering of the enlightened qualities of the Buddha.

I could not help but feel at peace in this place. The mountains were the backdrop {so was my scooter} and had I turned around and taken a photo, you would have seen a spectacular view of the San Luis Valley.

I am feeling deep gratitude for the experiences I have had ao far on this trip and each day I am reminding myself to see beauty all around me. From here I will be heading into Denver Colorado where there will be busy streets and people bustling around… until then I will enjoy my time right here…right now. ?

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