Beach Clean Up

5200 miles

14 States

34 Days

Wow! What a trip so far!

I have been so fortunate in my travels…

I’ve taken all backroads & I’ve avoided the highways.

I’ve seen wildlife centers that have animals roaming freely.

I’ve hiked with a Meet-Up group in OH.

I’ve soaked in natural Hot Springs.

I’ve felt a spiritual connection to so many different places I’ve passed thru including a sand dune in Cali that looked like the Sahara Desert.

I’ve seen 70-foot waterfalls.

I’ve seen deserts, I’ve seen lush vegetation, I’ve seen cities and cotton fields.

I’ve driven-thru canyon passes.

I’ve driven-thru tunnels in the mountain.

I’ve driven over massive bridges.

I swam in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean on my trip.

I attended a marketing conference in Denver that gave me the tools to continue to educate my self.

I’ve met some AMAZING people along the way that have shown me such generosity.

I’m now in San Diego for a 7-day event called: The Heart of the Samurai.


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