Beach Clean Up

I hope you are all doing well as you read this and weathering this season of Covid-19 in a healthy way.

My business originally took a 40% hit and we had to dig deep to support our team, family, clients, and community… which also took 100% of my attention and I did not have the bandwidth to continue with the blogging since I’ve arrived back in Maine.

Fortunately, I feel as though my mind… my business, and my team are now entering into a new rhythm that will sustain us through this {Im so fortunate to say that}…

I am currently working on an application for a building permit. I intend to build a 600 sq ft off-the-grid house this year and document the journey on this website.

I have already done SO much!

I own a .69 acre plot of land and here is the list of things I have already installed and worked on:

  1. I installed a mailbox and I LOVE to get mail! {my address is 69 Middle Pond Road York Maine 03909}
  2. I have a 6×5 shack to store my belongings {which I’m going to fix up with new siding…I bought an old icehouse that my neighbor had}
  3. I have a well and I now have fresh water!!!
  4. I bought a 3 bay stainless steel sink to do my dishes and laundry
  5. I have hung a clothesline
  6. I have a washboard and a laundry wringer hand crank
  7. I have the cutest chicken coop and 3 chickens… I even put an addition on their house!
  8. I have 2 solar panels to power and outdoor office space
  9. I have an outdoor shower with an instant hot water heater powered by propane
  10. I started to make an outdoor kitchen for my 2 burner stove and small grill
  11. I bought a 13×13 Army tent that is shaped like an octagon so I can have guests camp out and also use it to store my gear. {Its super cool and Ill add pics when I set it up}

I have certainly been a busy bee and I’m LOVING living off the land. I’m SO excited to design the house and I’ll share my progress here…

~let the next adventure begin =)

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