Beach Clean Up

On the day my marketing conference ended the weather was warning us of:
Snow, Snow & More Snow…
+ A Winter Storm Warning…
+ Historic, Record-Breaking Cold…
+ Record-Shattering Arctic Blast…

Seriously!?! {eyeroll}

… It was at this moment that I had to make a decision… either I was going to be stuck in Denver for 5 days or I needed to get out of town before the snow began.

And… not only was Denver getting this early snowstorm but the ENTIRE Mid-West was reporting on this arctic front that would be dropping temperatures to be the “coldest air of the season which was going to set records!!!”

Although I was mentally and physically exhausted from the marketing conference, it did not take me long to decide that I was going to head out of town as soon as possible and get to a location that would get me out of the snow… and it was clear that I would not have to deal with driving the van in wintery conditions or risk having my pipes freeze if I could get far enough south!

So…I literally drove for 12 hours over the course of 2 days to get as far south as I could.

Somehow I arrived in Las Cruces, New Mexico and when I woke up on Monday morning it was 70 degrees!

During my 12 hour drive, the storm was constantly reminding me that it was “right there” and “moving in” because I was getting a variety of weather conditions including high winds, rain, snow flurries, and an ominous sky which was consistently dark all around.

But… I had “done it”… I outran the snowstorm! ?

whoohoo! no snow, no cold and no frozen pipes!

Aside from the weather {which dictated my direction… ~no big deal~ ha!} I was able to reflect on the conference and process the information that was presented during the event. I’m eager to not only write about it but incorporate what I learned into my business and the services we offer our clients.

Today marks day 30 on the road and I’m currently settling into a campsite which I have decided to stay at for 2 days to rest and reflect.

Having experienced this marketing conference so early in the journey has been such a catalyst moment for me… The theme of the event was: “Invent Yourself. Reinvent Yourself.”

…and this is such an applicable statement in the digital agency world because this marketing industry constantly invites us to change and adapt to industry trends, technologies and the market at all times. I feel fortunate to have participated and I look forward to sharing what I have learned.

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