Beach Clean Up

Oklahoma feels like a BIG state… especially since I decided to drive down into it from Missouri {spend a few days}- then drive across…. then a bit North and West all the way across the “pan-handle”!

But before I headed into Kansas, I spent my last “working-day” from Oklahoma at the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. Designated as the “largest such saline flat in the central lowlands of North America,” the 11,200- acre salt flat of Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is essential to wildlife.

This Wildlife area is known for a variety of migratory birds & other wildlife….and during my lunch break, I took a mile and 1/2 walk out to the heart of the refuge. On my walk I saw this photo titled “Water=Life”:

We all know how water is vital to life on Earth… and I stopped for a long time and reflected on this. I sat silently, listened to the sounds around me and reminded myself that water is a limited resource and how important it is to conserve water and keep it clean.

…Living in a van has actually given me a deeper appreciation for conservation as a whole. I have to pretty much conserve everything! My gas, my food supply, my propane, and of course my water!

I’m now heading to Colorado… If you would like to suggest beautiful places I should visit, please click here and fill out the form. I’ll be in Colorado until the end of October… then I’m going to San Diego.

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