Beach Clean Up

Okay, Oklahoma you surprised me!

By now I have come to appreciate the fact that 99% of the time I have NO IDEA where I am. I mean, I typically know what US State I’m in, but I have no clue what city or town I am in and this particular weekend was no exception! At this point in my trip, I had just crossed over into Oklahoma and found a cool spot on the water called Bernice State Park.

I arrived at my campsite at about 9pm so I needed to check in in the next morning. Not really knowing what building was the main office, I wandered around until I found it.

To my surprise, when I walked in not only was it the office, but it was a nature center!  Like a REAL nature center (not that I know what a fake nature center is but…)! There was a tortoise (not a turtle… apparently, a tortoise lives on land and a turtle lives in the water), a rabbit, a possum, and a blind raccoon ALL roaming freely about the building…and they were SOOO friendly.

After I realized this was not a dream, I literally spent over an hour in there asking the 2 staff members dozens of questions and falling in love with the possum that I held in a pouch the entire time! I felt like a kid again and really appreciated the rehabilitation services this nature center was offering to the rescued animals in Oklahoma.

I stayed here for 2 days. Thank you, Bernice State Park, for creating a Nature Center for us to enjoy!


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