Beach Clean Up

WOW! This is the only word to describe what I “stumbled-upon” while visiting Land Between The Lakes National Recreation in Kentucky.

So, each morning I get up early, make my tea and “hit the road” to get an hour or 2 of “windshield-time” before I start my normal workday. On this particular day, I had researched a National Park that offered really inexpensive camping. It was $7 for 14 days! On my way into the access road, I noticed a sign that said “Elk & Bison viewing, next right”… and of course, I could not pass it by.

Within 10 minutes of entering this park, I found my self surrounded by a herd of Bison as they casually moved across the field into the road and I was fortunate enough to watch them for over 25 minutes before I was able to safely pass.

What a beautiful animal!

Fun fact about Bison: Bison are the largest mammal in North America and according to the U.S. Department of the Interior, in 2016 the Bison joined the Bald Eagle as an official symbol of our country.

Although I was somewhat intimidated by their size and the fact that some weighed 2000 pounds…I would take this type of traffic jam any day!

Here are a few pictures:

Bison traffic-jam… really?… what’s next?! I can’t wait to find out. Missouri & Oklahoma, here I come.

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