Beach Clean Up

I feel like a REAL “road-warrior” now…I’ve had my first mechanical failure!

Well…technically the van is not “broken-broken” (thats a bit of an exaggeration), but I stayed in Kentucky longer than I had planned due to my driver’s side window motor failing on me! I wish I could go back to the “crank” window right about now…crank it up to go up, crank it down to go down. Damn technology failure!

All torn apart… awaiting repair!

In the grand-scheme-of-things, it’s no big deal right?! Well, it just so happened that it failed when my window was completely down and then it rained for 2 days. Fortunately for KY, they needed the rain but unfortunately for me, it broke on a Saturday night and NOTHING was open on a Sunday in KY! So, I did what most people would do…I put a trash bag over my window and found a safe & quiet campground to hang out in for 2 days.

Thanks to the staff at the Ken Towery Mechanic shop in Lexington, they had me in and out in 4 hours. They even let my dog, Summer, hang out in the waiting room with me the whole time.

I’m back on the road…



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