Beach Clean Up

So far I’ve gone through 5 states…ME, MA, VT, NY, PA and now I’m in OH. Each time I pass a state line, I feel as though I accomplished something…its like a mini-milestone!

I’m feeling pretty good and I am happy to report that not only have I been cooking 3 meals a day in the van, but I’ve also successfully managed my battery power, I’ve found reliable internet every day and I’ve “pretty much” showered every other day. Well maybe I went 3 days without showering…but who’s counting!?!

I’m not sure I would have changed anything so far.

I try to research amazing places to visit in each state I pass through so that I can experience the beauty they have to offer…I’m most excited that I’ve been “re-learning” my geography and fun facts.

Who knew that not only is Ohio known as the “Buckeye” state but it is also home to a couple who has made a house completely out of trash?!? Yup…their house is built completely with TRASH! The idea behind this construction was to show how much can be made out of recycled material. Unfortunately when I was passing through the tours were SOLD OUT.

This is so exciting…I’m in week 2 and I’m only in OH. I can’t wait to see other ways people are creating a sustainable living way of life for themselves and their communities.


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