Just crossed into California!

5200 miles 14 States 34 Days Wow! What a trip so far! I have been so fortunate in my travels… I’ve taken all backroads & I’ve avoided the highways. I’ve seen wildlife centers that have animals roaming freely. I’ve hiked with a Meet-Up group in OH. I’ve soaked in natural Hot Springs. I’ve felt a

Reinventing myself…

As many of you already know, I own a marketing company called MAYO Designs and I feel as though I am in the middle of not only reinventing myself but reinventing the business to what I will call “MAYO 3.0”. here is a little history… MAYO 1.0 → From 2001-2016 I ran the company as

Running from a snow storm…

On the day my marketing conference ended the weather was warning us of: Snow, Snow & More Snow… + A Winter Storm Warning… + Historic, Record-Breaking Cold… + Record-Shattering Arctic Blast… Seriously!?! {eyeroll} … It was at this moment that I had to make a decision… either I was going to be stuck in Denver

It’s Easy Being Green In Denver

Although I’m not a city girl… I was interested in what Denver had to offer from a “Green-City” standpoint because I started to see a TON of electric scooters all around town and was intrigued by this alternative mode of transportation. Now, I have seen these on TV but I had never been to a

For the next 5 days Denver is my home.

I am having mixed emotions about being here because I am NOT a city girl… so while here, I have actually decided to spoil myself… I’ve checked into a hotel room downtown while I attend a marketing conference and I parked my van at a family member’s house until Sunday. It certainly feels strange to