Sue MacQuade

I always wanted to help the environment at an early age it made sense that we had to do “something” but wasn’t quite sure where to put the efforts and not many others were setting a good example.

Since hearing the MAYO message, I have become fully aware – that EVERYTHING we throw away needs to be thought about, where will it end up? How can I help direct it in the best way possible, what can I do to make my impact less on the environment?

Recycling is for sure a new habit. In addition, I look for ways to never buy plastic, avoid styrofoam from restaurants, and bring my own bags ALL the time.

My kids probably get the most impact, as I am constantly reminding them about the final destination of their trash. I demand they fill a bottle of water versus purchasing one in route to a game. In addition, I have started a recycling campaign at the office I work at.

In order to keep the inspiration alive I surround myself with like minded people. I think it takes a lot of effort in the beginning of changing habits so anything to make it uber easy for people to follow suit is the best way to see compliance. Then if you can show them statistics or programs that show the impact that has already been made by these small changes it will encourage the continued behaviors. I am optimistic that the next generation is already a HUGE step ahead of where I was growing up.

Thanks for all the efforts and continued message you are sharing with your team and community.

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